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Need help installing a BASKETBALL HOOP...?
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  1. Why does your company charge more than other installers ?
    • We are not cheap guys, you are hiring the best company in south Florida, our works are well done.
    • You paid one or two thousand dollars for the best basketball Hoop you deserve.. Hire the right people to get the results you want, by saving $50 you could ruin your invesment.
    • We are a responsible and serious company with defined procedures, we own the right machines and tools.

  2. How much time does it take to fully assemble ?
    • Normally it takes around 8 hours.

  3. Eight hours? why, The manufacturer says you should wait at least 3 days after the concrete is pured?
    • We use fast setting concrete that at 1 hour gets the same resistance of the regular concrete.
    • That recommendation is the safest one, made for DIY'ers or for Installers without enough experience.

  4. So can we use the basketball hoop the same day ?
    • The same day you can make some shots, but for security reasons we recommed to make full use the day after, when the concrete has reached more than 3.500 psi

  5. Why the other assemblers do not use this kind of concrete ?
    • It is about three times more expensive
    • Handling the fast Setting concrete requires special procedures and long experience to avoid a disaster.
    • Any mistake in the pouring process is almost unreversible.

  6. How many Basketball hoops have you assembled guys ?
    • I do not remember, a lot of them, what I know is every single one of our customers are satisfied.

  7. How many people do the installation?
    • 1 people for the mobile ones.
    • 2 people for the in-ground adjustables ones.
    • 3 people for the in-ground with fixed backboard.

  8. How much do you charge for the installation?
    • Our prices go from $120 to $900.
    • The price varies significantly between every brand and every model that is why it is so important you spacify exactly the brand, the model and the Zip Code where it will be installed

  9. What makes that difference in prices?
    • Every brand and every model has different technical specification. But the size of the BBH, the size of the trench and the amount of concrete it takes, make the diference.

  10. What is the procedure to hire you?
    1. Contact us by phone, text message or web page (It is preferable by text mesage)
    2. Get ready the data about brand, the model and the Zip Code where it will be installed.
    3. Next day we send you the estimate
    4. Schedule the date of installation
    5. You pay us the same day of installation 50% at the beginning and 50% at the end